Jewel Stores Support Special Events To Benefit Foster Children

Help Illinois foster children by participating in the Jewel Shop & Share program on June 9, 10 and 11 at all Illinois Jewel stores. Just call Cheryl Conaway at 217-785-1700 to receive the official "Shop & Share Identification Slip" and present it at the Jewel checkout on any one of these days. Your total purchase will be credited to DCFS and based on the level of participation, Jewel will award 5% of the total amount spent on those days to the Children's Benefit Fund. Anyone interested in participating must present the slip. Please copy and give it to your friends. Thc slip must not be altered in any way and cannot be handed out in the parking lot of Jewel stores. All proceeds from this event must be used to support special events open to all Illinois foster children.