What are the seven child and family outcomes?


§              Children are protected from abuse and neglect

§              Children are safe with their own families


§              Children have permanent, stable homes

§              Children’s family connections are preserved


§              Families can meet their children’s needs

§              Children have their educational needs met

§              Children have their physical and mental health needs met

What are the seven systemic factors that affect the quality of service delivery and positive outcomes?

§              Statewide Information System

§              Case Review System

§              Quality Assurance System

§              Training

§              Service Array

§              Community Responsiveness

§              Foster Parent/Adoptive Parent Recruitment


Where can I find more information?


Locations on the Web that have Information on Child Welfare Outcomes

Web Site Addresses

U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)


Administration for Children and Families (ACF)

• Address to obtain federal reports on other states review

•Address to obtain the tools used during the review




Statewide Implementation Plan in Preparation for Child and Family Services Reviews (DCFS Information Transmittal)



People to call with questions regarding the Illinois Federal Review

Contact Information


Mike Holmes,

Associate Deputy Director of Quality Assurance, DCFS

(312) 814- 5552

Joan Nelson-Phillips,

Senior Administrator Quality Assurance, DCFS

(312) 814-5527

David Harmon,

Downstate Quality Assurance Manager, DCFS

(217) 524-1986

Yolanda Green,

Director, Foster Care Utilization Review Program, UIUC

(312) 328-2084

James Jones,

President/CEO, ChildServ

(773) 693-0300

Margaret Berglind,

President/CEO, Child Care Association of Illinois

(312) 819-1950
(217) 528-4409




A Community Partnership for the Delivery of Quality Services to Illinois Children & Families
















September 15 – 19, 2003

What is the Child and Family Services Review (CFSR)?

The CFSR is a comprehensive review process developed and implemented by the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services to assess and monitor the performance and operation of child protection and child welfare programs in all 50 states and territories.

Specifically, in Illinois, the CFSR…

§              Looks at how outcomes are met for Illinois children and families in the areas of safety, permanency, and well-being through a review of 50 cases statewide and community stakeholder interviews

§              Looks at systemic factors in the administration of Illinois’ programs that directly affect the quality of service delivery and achievement of outcomes through evaluation of the statewide self-assessment and community stakeholder interviews

§              Text Box:  If the state does not pass the review, the CFSR holds Illinois accountable for making systemic and programmatic improvements in order to avoid tough penalties through the collaborative development of a statewide Program Improvement Plan (PIP) and subsequent reviews

How has Illinois been preparing for the CFSR?

Illinois Preparations



CFSR Timeline

Submit the statewide PIP


PIP due

Convene PIP Workgroups



Final Report submitted to state

On-site review begins



On-site review begins at 3 locations around the state

Prepare for on-site review:  identify sites (3), arrange for locations, identify state reviewers, identify 50 cases, arrange for stakeholder interviews



Submit Statewide Self-Assessment



Statewide Self-Assessment due

Conduct Community Stakeholder presentations; focus groups for self-assessment



Begin statewide self-assessment

Develop presentations and identify members of self-assessment team



Review and reconciliation of NCANDS and AFCARS data

Illinois Federal Review Preparatory Review implementation statewide (DCFS and POS):  Conduct ongoing 3-day trainings, on-site baseline and ongoing continuous quality improvement reviews

2001 - 2002



Implement Illinois Federal Review Preparatory Protocol, Cook South



Development of Illinois Federal Review Preparatory Protocol (DCFS/FCURP)



Participate in pilot study of new Federal CFSR tool



Pilot new review tool

Text Box: Who will participate in the CFSR process?
A variety of stakeholders will participate in the review process, including:  
§	Children and families receiving child welfare services
§	Foster and adoptive parents
§	Child welfare agency staff
§	Other service providers
§	Juvenile Court participants
§	State and local interest groups