“How-Tools” – a new way to learn

How-Tools are animated self-paced, self-instructional tutorials that teach you “How To” make more efficient use of your computer system.

Select a specific topic you want to learn from the list below and click the link. Maximize the window and watch the demo as it plays. You can pause, fast-forward, or back up the demo using the controls at the bottom of the screen.

Window Basics
  Adding a Favorite
  Adding a Printer
  Creating a New Folder
  Creating a Shortcut
  Microsoft Help and Support
  Missing Toolbars
  Restarting Your Computer
  Search for Files and Folders
  XP Overview
  Adding a Contact in Outlook
  Creating a Distribution List in Outlook
  Creating a Signature for E-Mails in Outlook
  Creating an E-Mail Attachment
  Creating New Folders in Outlook
  Making an Appointment in Outlook
  Out of the Office Assistant for E-Mails
  Renaming Folders and Moving Files in Outlook
  Replying to and Forwarding E-Mails in Outlook
  Sending and Recalling E-Mails in Outlook
  Viewing Messages in Outlook