DCFS Administrators Tour Illinois to Share Integrated Assessment Program Information………
Posted 12/15/2004

During the month of November, Director Bryan Samuels joined Deputy Directors Velma Williams, Erwin McEwen and Arthur Bishop to meet with POS executives and discuss the Integrated Assessment Program (IAP). A total of eight informational sessions were conducted, with two in Cook County and two per region (Southern/Central/Northern). Representatives from the four institutions from around the state were also introduced so that regional POS executives could meet the DCFS partners.

In the Northern region, Dr. Charles Miller, Chairman of the Psychology Department at NIU, attended. In the Central and South regions, Dr. Mizan Miah, Chairman of the Social Work Department at SIU attended. In Cook County, Dr. Neil Hochstadt, Director of Behavioral Sciences Program at La Rabida Children’s Hospital and Laura Esikoff, Executive Director of the Erickson Institute’s Early Childhood Program, attended.

Describing a Formula for IAP Success………

Director Samuels shared his vision for integrated services throughout DCFS, specifically highlighting how the IAP will begin the process of collecting important information on DCFS’ children and enable DCFS to develop a “front-end” to the child welfare system. Deputy Director Velma Williams discussed the timeline for the Integrated Assessment process, the interview tool, and the plan to roll out a model of supervision to support the IA process.

Deputy Director Erwin McEwen discussed the importance of monitoring the IAP regularly, and he outlined a plan to review cases regularly in each region of the state. Deputy Director Arthur Bishop discussed the significance of supporting DCFS staff in all regions and the shift in DCFS’ approach from being reactive to proactive.

Director Samuels invited and answered questions about the IAP. At the end of each meeting, Director Samuels gave an overview of other DCFS reforms and initiatives, such as the child and youth investment teams and the re-design of the independent and transitional living programs. Feedback from POS executives was very positive, and they are looking forward to continued partnership with DCFS to implement programs to help Illinois’ children achieve safety, permanency and well-being.

Coming Soon………

Look for questions about the multiple placement “trigger” cases and the IA implementation rollout plan.