POS Executives Declare the Integrated Assessment Program a Victory………
Posted 1/24/2005

Recently, DFCS Integrated Assessment Program (IAP) administrators met with POS agency executives that have participated in the IAP pilot since January 2003 to generate IAP feedback. Results were overwhelmingly positive.

Pat Trudeau, Clinical Director for Volunteers of America commented that an assessment completed by an early childhood screener was outstanding, and the screener went above and beyond the call of duty, claiming “the case was the most thorough case I have seen in a long time.”

A Win/Winn Situation………

Carol Winn of Ada S. McKinley recognized IAP screeners had enhanced clinical casework skills. She noted, “all the cases we have worked on [with the IAP] have gone extremely well.” Winn stated collecting front – end information has assisted workers in following through with implementing recommendations. Accomplishing this goal is a milestone; it is the core of the IAP mission.

Off to a Great Start………

In meeting with IAP administrators, POS agency executives generated ideas about how to improve the IAP process. DCFS administrators took note and are working to incorporate suggestions into implementation plans as the program rolls out statewide.

Sylvia Flory, Division Manager of Catholic Charities, has a positive outlook about the IAP and stated Catholic Charities is committed, “we see the potential for this program to work and we want it to work.” DCFS and POS agencies will continue collaborating to improve the IAP and enhance the lives of children served throughout Illinois.

Key Players………

POS Attendees in the December 20th Meeting Included:

Pat Trudeau, LCSW Clinical Director of Volunteers of America
Sylvia Flory, Division Manager, Catholic Charities
Carol Winn, Ada S. McKinley
Jim Jones, President and CEO, ChildServ
DCFS Attendees in the December 20th Meeting Included:

Velma Williams, Deputy Director Clinical Practice & Professional Development
Mark Holzberg, Manager Clinical Practice & Professional Development
Dr. Kristin Velazquez Kenefick, IAP Statewide Administrator