Foundation Training and the Child Welfare Employee License Examination

The CWEL examination is offered at the end of Foundation Training. Pre-registration is required for attendance at Foundation Training. Registration to attend can be arranged by calling the Registration and Testing Office at 1-877-800-3393. Both DCFS and POS staff may attend, and classes are offered at various Illinois locations.

The Foundation Examination includes questions regarding the Child Endangerment Risk Assessment Profile, the basic competencies of child welfare practice and some questions for pilot research. The CWEL test is a sub-set of this exam. A separate score on the CWEL part of the test is given. Likewise, a separate score is provided for questions addressing the Child Endangerment Risk Assessment Profile.

A passing score is 70% or higher. You, your supervisor and your employer will be notified of your score in writing within seven calendar days. The Registration and Testing Office (1-877-800-3393) sends your score to the CWEL program electronically. You will not need to send it.