Illinois' direct child welfare service employee licensing act (P.L. 90-608 of 1998) was the first of its kind in the country.

The original law, Public Act 90-608 states "By January 1, 2000, the Department in consultation with private child welfare agencies, shall develop and implement a direct child welfare service employee license. By January 1, 2001, all child protective investigators and supervisors and child welfare specialists and supervisors employed by the Department or its contractors shall be required to demonstrate sufficient knowledge and skills to obtain and maintain the license. The Department shall have the authority to revoke or suspense the license of anyone who after a hearing is found guilty of misfeasance. The Department shall promulgate such rules as necessary to implement this section."

In 2001 this legislation was amended by Public Act 92-0471. The Direct Child Welfare Service Employee License Board was defined and given final decision-making authority over revocation, suspension and reinstatement of licenses.

Rule 412 implementing P.A. 90-608 with P.A. 92-0471 was promulgated October 23, 2002.

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