Licensure Status Information Inquiry

There are four groups of people who can access information on the status of your CWEL.

  1. You, as a licensed person, may call or write and request the status of your license or licensure application. To do so you must be ready to verify who you are to the Office of Child Welfare Employee Licensing.
  2. Prospective Employers must call or write to the Office when you are being considered for a position in direct child welfare services. They will be advised of the status of your license but not detailed information.
  3. Current employers may call to verify the status of your license at any time. In addition, if your license has been suspended for any reason, your employer will be informed in writing by the Office of Child Welfare Employee Licensing and in some cases the OIG as well.
  4. If there is a licensure-level complaint filed against you with the Office of Child Welfare Employee Licensing, and there is evidence of a criminal violation or other violation of Rule 412, your licensure application information may be requested as part of that investigation.

Responsibilities of Licensed Direct Service Child Welfare Staff

As a licensed Child Welfare Employee, your behavior effects the foundation of society, children and their families. Licensed staff hold the following responsibilities:

  1. You must maintain current knowledge about policy and program changes that affect your job duties.
  2. You must maintain knowledge of the current promulgated Rule 412, entitled "Licensure of Direct Child Welfare Services Employee and Supervisors."
  3. You must participate in all mandatory training. This is in-service training that has been deemed as mandatory by the Director of the Department of Children and Family Services.
  4. You must report any of the following information immediately to the Office of Child Welfare Employee Licensure:
    a. Your Home Address Changes and changes in your employer;
    i. If you fail to do this, any policy changes affecting your license and any notifications regarding your licensure status cannot be sent to you. This may seem trivial but in the long run is vital to being successful as a licensed employee.
    b. Notification to the Office of Child Welfare Employee Licensing that you are being investigated, or have been indicated as a perpetrator of child abuse/neglect; and/or,
    c. Notification to the Office of Child Welfare Employee Licensing of a charge or criminal conviction of any offenses stipulated under the Criminal Code of 1961 listed in the Child Care Act of 1969.
  5. As a licensed staff person, you have given permission to be subject to periodic background checks.