Obtaining A Case Manager Identification Number

A Case Manager Identification number (CYCIS ID#) will be needed, if you manage cases on the DCFS electronic case management system, which is called MARS-CYCIS. This number is not related to having a Child Welfare Employee License, which does not have a number. An application for CYCIS is completely separate from the CWEL application process.

If you are a private sector employee, you must be fingerprinted and be in the background clearance database (the "BC screens" of COOL) managed by the DCFS Central Office of Licensing before your request for a number can be honored. However, you do not need to wait until your CWEL application process is complete in order to apply for an ID number. In fact, it is recommended that you simultaneously apply for both a case manager ID number and a Child Welfare Employee License. Further, if you are seeking a Licensing Representative position, additional examinations and authorization are needed. The Central Office of Licensing activates this number, if you qualify.
There are three primary reasons for obtaining a Case Manager identification number.

The SAWICS identification number is an additional number:

If you are a Child Protection Services Worker, supervisor or other Division of Child Protection staff, you will also have your own seven character ID that is part of the SACWIS implementation process. This is a separate number from the current CYCIS case manager ID number. However, as of January 2003, all CPSW who are required to hold a Child Welfare Employee License must also have a CYCIS Case Manager ID number.

To obtain a CYCIS Case Manager ID#: