Making a Complaint Against a License-holder

Anyone can file an official complaint against a licensed child welfare employee by calling 217-785-5689 and requesting to speak to the CWEL Administrator.

Letters are also accepted at the address below:

Illinois Department of Child and Family Services,
Office of Child Welfare Employee Licensing at 406 E. Monroe, Sta. #122,
Springfield, IL 62701

Persons who make a complaint can request to be notified in writing regarding the status of their complaint within five working days. Persons may remain anonymous by advising the office of that fact when they make their complaint.

Complaints are logged in and reviewed within five working days by the Emergency Licensure Review Team (ERLT).. The team is composed of the CWEL Administrator, the Chairperson of the CWEL Board and a representative of the Office of Inspector General (OIG).

When there is concurrence by the ERLT that the complaint, if true, is a violation of the terms of the Child Welfare Employee License as per Rule 412, the group will initiate an investigation into the matter.

The license-holder (subject of the complaint) will be notified by the Office of Inspector General, should the investigation identify evidence of licensure violation. Upon notification of the grounds and statutes under which the alleged violation falls, a date will be set with the Administrative Hearings Unit for a fair hearing, where both sides of the issues will be reviewed (Rule 412.60.)

The Child Welfare Employee Licensure Board always makes the final determination regarding licensure actions within the Department, including to revoke, suspend or refuse to reinstate a license using the process in Rule 412. Appeals can be made to a state circuit court.

Remediation and Exemptions

If you fail the CWEL exam you may take it one more time during the first year of service and once per year after that. You can arrange for one-on-one remediation if you fail the CWEL test and need additional assistance after failing the CWEL test. Contact IDCFS Training (217-785-5689) to do so. Remediation sessions are designed to concentrate on the areas wherein you need the most work.