The Integrated Assessment Program Launches from Plan to Action!

Live from DCFS!

Over 225 POS agency workers representing 37 agencies attended the Cook County Integrated Assessment Program (IAP) training refresher courses held in February. IAP Administrators traveled throughout Illinois to meet with POS Agency Permanency Workers and Supervisors to answer questions, generate feedback, and review the IAP process.

The IAP was officially implemented statewide February 1st, 2005. During IAP refresher trainings, POS Agency workers shared their IAP experiences, and the word on the street is encouraging. Kresta Randolph, Child Welfare Specialist at Youth Campus, stated she has not heard one negative comment about the quality of reports that are generated from the IAP. She claimed, “the assessments are wonderful.”
Mission Accomplished………
Success stories are being told. During one IAP interview, additional, critical client information was revealed when the Clinical Screener and the Permanency Worker took turns facilitating the session. The results were positive, more comprehensive recommendations were made based on the additional facts collected.

Clinical Screeners and Permanency Workers are encouraged to share the lead in conducting interviews. As the primary managers of the case, Permanency Workers have been willing to share the lead in facilitating the family interviews, allowing both the Clinical Screeners and Permanency Workers to capitalize on individual expertise. Permanency Workers hold a wealth of information pertaining to the family.

The Keys to Success………
During IAP refresher trainings, timelines for standard cases were highlighted, and the responsibilities for Intake Coordinators, Permanency Workers, and Clinical Screeners were defined. The Department’s Protocol for Multiple Placement Cases was reviewed and the Regional Intake Coordinators were introduced. Attendees were provided with Health Works and Comprehensive Health Evaluation policy information.

Erwin McEwen, Deputy Director of Monitoring/Quality Assurance, addressed over 75 POS Agency workers on February 9th and stated that the IAP is the direction the Department is moving in to help increase permanency, well-being, and safety for the children Illinois serves.