CMS Personnel Title Typical Duties and Responsibilities Employment and Experiential Requirements Monthly Salary Range Selection Process
Child Welfare Specialist Performs a variety of casework intervention and case management functions related to the welfare of families and children who are in foster care or have remained home (intact families). Duties are performed in an independent manner. Problem cases are referred to the M.S.W. qualified supervisor or Child Welfare Advanced Specialist for assistance and technical oversight. Cases in this class cover the entire spectrum of difficulty, from routine through complex Preferably a master’s degree in social work or a master’s degree in a related human service field* supplemented by one year of directly related professional experience.** Requires a bachelor’s degree in social work with one year of directly related professional experience, or a bachelor’s degree in a related human service field with two years of directly related professional experience** $4476– $6124 Candidates from CMS eligibility list are invited for interviews when vacancies in the county occur and after bargaining unit rights have been exhausted.

* Related human services degree refers to psychology, psychiatric nursing, psychiatry, pastoral counseling, Sociology, Social Services, Social Science, Public Administration, Pastoral Care, Master of Divinity, Human Service Administration, Human Development Counseling, Home Economics – Child and Family Service, Guidance and Counseling, Early Childhood Development, Child, Family and Community Services and Human Services.

** Related professional experience refers to casework/case management experience related to families and/or children, reunification, adoption, youth development, counseling and advocacy services.