DCFS has established a schedule for conducting group training sessions on the DCFS Medicaid Billing System software (MBS and CMBS). Billing staff who have not yet attended an MBS/CMBS training session should complete the training as soon as possible. In addition, other provider staff, including billing staff who have already had MBS/CMBS training, are welcome to attend a training session. Thus, provider staff who already attended an MBS/CMBS training session are not required to attend one of the sessions listed below, but are welcome to attend to refresh their knowledge.

The training sessions occur at the Matteson (Southern suburbs of Chicago) and Champaign offices of The Infant-Parent Institute, Inc. The training sessions begin at 10:00 a.m. and last approximately two hours. The following dates have been scheduled for FY2006:

· Friday, August 19th in Champaign
· Friday, October 21st in Matteson
· Friday, December 9th in Champaign
· Friday, February 17th in Matteson
· Friday, April 21st in Champaign
· Friday, June 16th in Matteson

Providers must contact The Infant-Parent Institute, Inc. to sign-up for the MBS/CMBS training. These dates and times are subject to change. Only providers who called IPI to sign-up for the training will be notified about subsequent scheduling changes. Directions will be available upon request.

Address and Phone Number Information for The Infant-Parent Institute, Inc:

Champaign: Matteson:
328 North Neil Street 4749 Lincoln Mall Drive
Suite B Suite 403
Champaign, Illinois 61820 Matteson, Illinois 60443
217-352-4172 (phone) 708-503-8431 (phone)