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The links below will take you to the official version of the Rules from the Administrative Code Division of the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office.

If you prefer to download a PDF version of the rule, For English,click here, para Español, margue aquí.

Part 300   Reports of Child Abuse and Neglect
Part 301
  Placement and Visitation Services
Part 302
  Services Delivered by the Department of Children and Family Services
Part 303
  Access to and Eligibility for Day Care Services - Transferred to the Department of Human Services, effective July 1, 1997 (Repealed)
Part 304
  Access to and Eligibility for Child Welfare Services
Part 305   Client Service Planning (repealed. Replaced by Rules 315 & 316)
Part 306
  Service Termination
Part 307
  Indian Child Welfare Services
Part 308
  Nondiscrimination Requirements of Department Service Providers
Part 309
  Adoption Services for Children for whom the Department of Children and Family Services is Legally Responsible
Part 310
  Delivery of Youth Services Funded by Department of Children and Family Services - Transferred to the Department of Human Services, effective July 1, 1997
Part 311
  Governor's Youth Services Initiative
Part 312
  Department of Children and Family Services Scholarship Program
Part 313
  Community Services - Transferred to the Department of Human Services, effective July 1, 1997
Part 314
  Educational Services
Part 315
  Permanency Planning
Part 316
  Administrative Case Reviews and Court Hearings
Parts 317 - 324   Reserved for Future Use

Subchapter b: Program and Technical Support

Part 325
  Administration of Psychotropic Medications to Children for Whom DCFS is Legally Responsible
Part 326
  Planning for Statewide Resource Allocation
Part 327
  Permanency Advocacy (Guardianship) Services
Part 328
  Interstate Placement of Children
Part 329
  Return of Runaway Children
Part 330
  Child Custody Investigations and Supervision Related to Custodian or Visitation Judgements
Part 331
  Unusual Incidents Involving Department Clients, Employees and Facilities
Part 332 Reserved for Future Use
Part 333
  lntercountry Adoption Services
Part 334 Administration and Funding of Community-Based Services to Youth - Transferred to the Department of Human Services, effective July 1, 1997
Part 335  (Repealed)
Part 336
  Appeal of CA/N Investigation Findings
Part 337
  Service Appeal Process
Part 338
  Appeal of Foster Family Home License Denials by Relative Care givers
Part 339  Reserved for Future Use
Part 340
  Foster Parent Code
Part 341 - 350 Reserved for Future Use

Subchapter c: Fiscal Administration

Part 351
  Federal Benefits and Other Public Funds
Part 352
  Financial Responsibility of Parents or Guardians of the Estates of Children
Part 353
  Children's Accounts
Part 354 (Repealed)
Part 355
  Gifts and Donations
Part 356
  Rate Setting
Part 357
  Purchase of Service
Part 358 Background Inquiry for Purchase of Service Providers (Repealed effective April 1, 1997)
Part 359
  Authorized Child Care Payments
Part 360
Part 361
  Reimbursement to Counties
Part 362
  The Bail Fund
Part 363
  Residential Services Construction Grant Program
Part 364-375 Reserved for Future Use

Subchapter d: Licensing Administration

Part 376
  Public Notice of Change in License
Part 377
  Facilities and Programs Exempt from Licensure
Part 378
  Day Care Information Line
Part 379
  Dual Jurisdiction
Part 380 Background Check of Foster Family Home Applicants - Repealed effective April 1, 1997
Part 381
  Advertising by Unlicensed Facilities
Part 382
  Agencies Exempt from Licensing
Part 383
  Licensing Enforcement
Part 384
  Behavior Treatment in Residential Child Care Facilities
Part 385
  Background Checks
Part 386
  Children's Product Safety
Part 387-400 Reserved for Future Use

Subchapter e: Requirements for Licensure

Part 401
  Licensing Standards for Child Welfare Agencies
Part 402
  Licensing Standards for Foster Family Homes
Part 403
  Licensing Standards for Group Homes
Part 404
  Licensing Standards for Child Care Institutions and Maternity Centers
Part 405
  Licensing Standards for Day Care Agencies
Part 406
  Licensing Standards for Day Care Homes
Part 407
  Licensing Standards for Day Care Centers
Part 408
  Licensing Standards for Group Day Care Homes
Part 409
  Licensing Standards for Youth Transitional Living Programs
Part 410
  Licensing Standards for Youth Emergency Shelters
Part 411
  Licensing Standards for Secure Child Care Facilities
Part 412
  Licensure of Direct Child Welfare Services Employees and Supervisors
Part 413-424 Reserved for Future Use
Part 425
  Americans with Disabilities Act Grievance

Subchapter f: General Administration

Part 426-427  Reserved for Future Use
Part 428
  Department Advisory Councils and Committees
Part 429
  Equal Employment Opportunity Through the Department of Children and Family Services
Part 430
  Office of the Inspector General (OIG)
Part 431
  Confidentiality of Personal Information of Persons Served by the Department of Children and Family Services
Part 432
  Research Involving Children and Families
Part 433
  Use of Department's Facilities and Grounds
Part 434
  Audits, Reviews, and Investigations
Part 435
  Administrative Appeals and Hearings
Part 436
  Records Management
Part 437
  Employee Conflict of Interest
Part 438-450  Reserved for Future Use

TITLE 2: Governmental Organization

Part 775
  Public Information, Rulemaking, and Organization

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