The Corporate Partnerships for the Recruitment of Adoptive Families initiative develops partnerships between local child welfare agencies and corporations in their communities to recruit adoptive families. Each participating corporation will work with a local child welfare agency, or with DCFS directly, to plan recruitment activities aimed at encouraging their employees to adopt. DCFS also support the corporations by providing technical support and training, as well as posters, banners, brochures and other recruiting materials. Changes resulting from the legislation include the elimination of long-term foster care as a permanency goal for the children in DCFS care; shorter timetables for parents to show they are willing and able to correct the conditions that led to abuse or neglect of the children; and more factors that can lead to the expedited termination of parental rights. The Illinois Hospital and HealthSystems Association is the first corporate partner to join the initiative. Because hospital employees offer special advantages as adoptive parents, it was a natural for hospitals and their employees to participate in the initiative.

In November 2000, the Illinois Hospital and HealthSystems Association received an Adoption 2002 Excellence Award for philanthopy from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for its adoptin efforts.