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   Elementary Publication   

Prairie Pages, first published in 1985, was intended to provide teachers and other interested persons with curriculum materials for elementary age students. 

Please click on the issue you want to print below. Adobe Reader is necessary to view these publications.

Stay tuned for Volume 6. We are planning a Lincoln Bicentennial edition. If you would like more information regarding Prairie Pages please contact Pete Harbison at 217/782-2981.

Volume 8 - Produced 2009 NEW!
#1: Lincoln Years in Illinois
#2: Lincoln Years in Illinois
#3: Lincoln Years in Illinois
#4: Lincoln Years in Illinois

Volume 1 - Produced ca. 1996
#1: The Illini
#2: Pioneers
#3: Abraham Lincoln
#4: Government

Volume 2 - produced ca. 2002
#1: Jane Addams
#2: How Illinois Became the Prairie State
#3: The First Peoples of Illinois
#4: Cahokia Mounds

Volume 3 - produced ca. 2005
#1: The Native Peoples of Illinois

#2: The French in Illinois

#3: Illinois During the British Occupation
#4: The Illinois Territory Becomes the Twenty-first State

Volume 4 - produced ca. 2007
#1: Transportation in Illinois
#2: Early Chicago
#3: Early Years of Illinois Agriculture
#4: Illinois in the War Between the States

Volume 5 - produced ca. 2008

#1: Stephen Douglas
#2: Chicago
#3: Illinois after the Civil War and the Great Chicago Fire
#4: Illinois in the Gilded Age

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library-Online Resources

Illinois State Archives - Kids Resources

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