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The Journal of Illinois History   

Sumission Guidelines
to the
Journal of Illinois History

Subject Matter

Each article should make an original contribution to Illinois history. Illinois history is interpreted broadly to include the lives of native or resident Illinoisans, Illinois as frontier, Civil War, etc.

The Journal of Illinois History does not accept previously published manuscripts or manuscripts that are to appear in substantially the same form elsewhere.


Manuscripts should not exceed 25 double-spaced pages, excluding endnotes.


Authors should provide footnotes for all information not available in such standard references as the Dictionary of American Biography and the Dictionary of American History.

Standard rules for annotation should be followed. Give the source for all direct quotations, all disputed information, and all ideas and interpretations not original with the author.

Manuscript Form

Manuscripts should be typewritten and double-spaced. Footnotes should be numbered consecutively, double-spaced throughout, and placed at the end of the manuscript. The author's name should appear only on a separate title page.


Authors should provide three copies of the manuscript. In the covering letter the author should point out what new material or interpretations are presented in the manuscript.


Articles for publication are carefully chosen by the editors, who solicit comments from members of its twelve-member Editorial Advisory Board and additional referees who possess expertise in other areas. The Journal ensures the confidentiality of the refereeing process. Identification is removed from the manuscript before it is sent to the referees, and comments of the referees are likewise shared anonymously.

Referees are asked to judge manuscripts according to the following criteria:

Research. Is it historically sound? How thorough is the research? Is it well organized and clearly written? Are the sources appropriate? Are the conclusions justified?

Originality. Does the manuscript make a contribution to the field? How is it original, or in what way is originality lacking?

Significance. Is the subject matter important? Would this article appeal to our readers? Does it approach the subject matter in an interesting way?

Appropriateness. Is this an appropriate article for a publication specializing in Illinois history? Why should it be issued here rather than in a regional or nationally based publication?

Mail manuscripts to:

Evelyn R. Taylor
Journal of Illinois History
Illinois Historic Preservation Agency
1 Old State Capitol Plaza
Springfield, IL 62701-1507

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