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Illinois Interagency Committee on Employees with Disabilities
Internship Program for College Students with Disabilities

Program Background

The State of Illinois is strongly committed to promoting diversity in state government. The Interagency Committee on Employees with Disabilities (ICED) Internship Program for Students with Disabilities was designed to assist the state in recruiting people with disabilities, who have historically faced barriers in obtaining employment. The unemployment rate of people with disabilities is many times higher than that of other people. Students with disabilities have a particularly difficult time in securing employment. The ICED Internship Program will help students with disabilities make the transition from school to work. 


The following objectives have been established for the Illinois Interagency Committee on Employees with Disabilities’ Internship Program for Students with Disabilities:

  • Provide employment opportunities to qualified students with disabilities
  • Diversify state government’s workplace
  • Demonstrate the abilities of employees with disabilities
  • Further affirmative action objectives
  • Provide a transition for students with disabilities into the workplace

Nature of the Program

Placements will be made in professional or technical positions for college students with disabilities and other positions for high school graduates with disabilities. Most interns will be placed in positions in agencies under the jurisdiction of the Governor, with the remainder in the offices of the other constitutional officers. The majority of the placements will be made in Springfield and Chicago. Interns are available for placements at anytime during the year, based on agency needs; however, most placements are made in the summer.

Eligibility Criteria

This program has two tracks, internships in professional positions for college students, where the eligibility requirements are:

  1. enrollment in or recent graduate of an institution of higher learning; and
  2. participation in a rehabilitation program.
There are no preferences to specific undergraduate or graduate fields or majors. The second track is for recent high school graduates who are interested in student worker positions. The match between student and agency will be based on the agency’s needs.

Selection Process

Recruitment and initial screening of interns will be conducted by rehabilitation agencies. Candidates for internships in agencies under the jurisdiction of the Governor must complete the DCMS-100 application form. Separate application forms may be necessary for jobs in the offices of the other constitutional officers. A list with brief biographical information of all candidates for internship positions will be prepared and distributed to all agencies under the jurisdiction of the Governor and other constitutional officers. Agencies seeking further information about candidates can get in touch with ICED and the rehabilitation agency that referred the candidate. Agencies will conduct interviews with internship candidates and make their own selection decisions.

Interns are classified as student workers and are only entitled to compensation. They are not eligible for benefits such as paid holidays, sick and vacation days, or health and life insurance. Compensation will be provided by the employing agency. In some cases non-paid internships will be provided.

For Further Details or Information Contact:

Susan Allen, Member
Interagency Committee on Employees with Disabilities
c/o Illinois Department of Human Rights
222 S. College
Room 101A
Springfield, IL 62704

(217) 785-5119 (Voice)
(217) 785-5125 (TTY)
(217) 785-5106 (Fax)

e-mail address: susan_allen@cms.state.il.us

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