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The Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities (ICDD) is dedicated to leading change in Illinois so that all people with developmental disabilities are able to exercise their rights to freedom and equal opportunity. The Council's work is carried out across the state through a network of advocates that educates the public on systems issues while encouraging change. ICDD continues to listen to the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families by investing in new programs to improve the delivery of services and supports they deserve.

The Council focuses on a wide range of programs to help improve the opportunities people with developmental disabilities in our state are afforded, including education, employment, transportation, community living, and health care. Just as importantly, ICDD works to build the capabilities of individuals, families and communities, enabling each to become more self-sufficient through the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act (the DD Act).

ICDD programs are developed in direct response to the concerns and ideas voiced by consumers, families, service providers, policy-makers and other professionals. By listening to these collective voices, the Council is taking the critical steps toward a dialogue for change in how Illinois regards and addresses its citizens with developmental disabilities.

Sheila T. Romano, Ed.D.






Center for Independent Futures
Community Choices
Envision Unlimited
Heroes of the Game
Illinois Association of Microboards and Cooperatives
Lifestyles Academy

For an overview of these projects, click on our Investment Initiatives page.


Click the link below to learn more about how community integration for people with intellectual & developmental disabilities makes sense.

Community Integration Makes Sensre

Illinois at the Tipping Point - Blueprint for Redesign in Illinois Update

In 2007, ICDD awarded a grant to the Human Services Research Institute (HSRI) to review the state’s system for delivering services to people with developmental disabilities.  The result was the Blueprint for System Redesign in Illinois.

ICDD asked HSRI to update the report and offer any new recommendations. The new report was released in May 2012. Click here to review the report Illinois At the Tipping Point - Blueprint for Redesign in Illinois Update.

Click here for a PowerPoint presentation about the the report.


ICDD provides grant funding for the Consumer Involvement Fund to the Arc of Illinois. For more information, click here.


Illinois became an Employment First State when legislation was signed in July of 2013.  To comply with that law and a following Executive Order in June 2014, state agencies prepared an initial Strategic Plan for how policies and procedures will need to change. A plan including timelines and goals for shifting to services that make employment a first option was submitted to the legislature in June of 2015.

Employment First simply means employment in the community would be the first and preferred option for individuals with disabilities receiving publicly funded services in Illinois.

The Employment First Summit Report summarizes the findings from a 2012 summit, sponsored by ICDD, and lays out a series of recommendations for turning the vision of Employment First discusses at the summit into reality.  The Executive Summary contains a summary of the recommendations developed as a result of the summit.  The Full Report contains much greater detail on these recommendations, along with extensive documentation of the proceedings, links to a wide variety of resources within the text, and an extensive series of resources in the appendix.

Illinois Emergency Management Agency Offers Emergency Preparedness Tips for People with Functional and Access Needs. Click here for additional information.


What's New



Consumer Stipend Program

The Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities is looking for an
organization(s) to develop and coordinate a Consumer Stipend Project. 

    3 Year Grant
    • $300,000 available to distribute stipends to individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities and families/guardians
    • Outcome is that individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities and families/guardians become better advocates
    • Proposals due July 14, 2015

    To view the Call for Investment (CFI), click here.

    The Council uses a web based system called DD Suite.  All proposals will be submitted using this system.

    To create an account on DD Suite, click here.

    For instructions on how to apply for the CFI, click here.


    Chicago ADA Celebration!
    July 21, 2015

    For more information click here.


    Click here for a copy of the report.