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The Office of Inspector General offers three different file types to download. They are Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, and a text file (tab delimited).

Here are instructions that will help you download the Provider Sanctions data file.

1. Download the file by clicking on the link that you can use. (i.e. if you have Excel download the Excel Version)

2. Once you have clicked on the link you will get a screen with two options. You want to save this to a disk. Choose "Save this Program to disk".

3. Next you'll get a screen asking you to save the file. Choose and remember a location to save the file. Click "Save".

4. The Self-extracting zip file is now on your computer. Next you need to Double-click on the file to extract it. Click on Unzip.

5. The file you need will now be in the location you specified or in your windows/temp folder.


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