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Passive Redeterminations September 2010
Office of Energy Assistance Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program Report - December 2009
Abortion Billings Study June 2009
  All Kids Family Care Special Study Report - December 2008
  Kidcare Special Study- November 2002
  GAO Exposure - October 2001
  Fraud Prevention Investigations - September 2001
  Child Support Emergency Payments - June 2001
  Fraud Prevention Investigations - November 2000
  HCFA Program Integrity Review Report - August 2000
  Congressional Hearing on Payment Accuracy Measurement - July 2000
  Death Notification project - February 2000
  Non Emergency Medical Transportation- December 1999
  Long Term Care Asset Discovery Initiative- September 1999
  Payment Accuracy Review of the Illinois Medical Assistance Program - August 1998
  Postmortem Medicaid Payments - April 1998
  Medical Transportation - December 1997

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