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E-Business in the Illinois Judiciary - Clinton County Circuit Court

Electronic Transfer of Record on Appeal to Fifth District Appellate Court

On April 2, 2012, the Illinois Supreme Court filed M.R. 18368, which authorized the electronic transfer of the record on appeal originating in Clinton County to the Fifth District Appellate Court on a pilot basis.

Under the pilot project, one official record pursuant to Supreme Court rules will remain but a mirror record will be produced electronically with identical pagination. The accessible electronic record will include transcripts of the trial and associated hearings, motions, other pleadings and documents. It will exclude exhibits such as photos and physical evidence such as weapons, clothing and the like. The pilot will allow attorneys, parties and appellate justices to electronically view, access and work from the official record of cases on appeal. The pilot makes the physical transfer of the record unnecessary, removes the cost of repeatedly transporting the record back and forth from the Appellate Clerk's office.