of Child and Family Policy


Department of Children and Family Services


 Index No: 2000.13


Issuance Date: August 15, 2000


Origin of Request:  Central Office of Licensing


Distribution:  Licensing Staff, Administrative Staff, Office of Child and Family Policy (A,L,P)


Key Words: 89 IAC 407, Licensing Standards for Day Care Centers, Child to Toilet Ratio


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Question:                   Can urinals count when factoring the number of toilets needed under 407.340(g)?


Applicable To:           Licensed Day Care Centers


Policy Citation:          Section 407.340          Diapering and Toileting Procedures


g)         Lavatories (hand-washing sinks) and toilet facilities shall be provided in the ratios specified below. Although potty chairs are allowed when children are being toilet-trained, potty chairs are not counted when determining compliance with these ratios.


Capacity of Child                                 Number of       Number of

Care Center (excluding infants)             Toilets          Lavatories


1 to 10                                                          1                     1

11 to 25                                                        2                     2

26 to 50                                                        3                     3

51 to 75                                                        4                     4

76 to 100                                                      5                     5

101 to 125                                                    6                     6

126 to 150                                                    7                     7

151 to 175                                                    8                     8

 Per every 25 more children                        1 more           1 more


h)         Toilets and lavatories shall be readily accessible to the children. If toilets are not located near the children's activity areas, an adult shall accompany children four years of age or younger.


(Source:  Added at 22 Ill. Reg. 1728, effective January 1, 1998)


Discussion:                The Illinois Plumbing Code (77 Ill. Adm. Code 890), in reference to day care centers in section 890.810 states, “Urinals may be substituted for water closets for males, not to exceed one-half (1/2) of the required total number of water closets.  Comparable fixtures for females may be substituted for water closets for females, not to exceed one-half (1/2) of the required total number of water closets.”


 Similarly, The National Health and Safety Performance Standards state in Section FA144, “Urinals shall not exceed 30 percent of the total required toilet fixtures.”


                                    The intent of the toilet to child ratio in 407.340(g) is to ensure adequate sanitation facilities.  The above referenced authorities assume an enrollment of fifty percent boys and fifty percent girls, allowing half of the boys’ toilets to be replaced by urinals.     


Response:                 Urinals may constitute 25 percent of the required toilets in day care centers with restrooms shared by both genders and 50 percent of the required toilets in boys’ restrooms in day care centers with gender-specific restrooms.