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Why Preserve? Here's Why!

It is reasonable to ask, "Why preserve?" when faced with the decision of what to do with an older property. The thought of starting fresh when faced with the problems of an older home or building is attractive in our modern society. The downside of this tendency, however, is that we lose part of our history every time we raze an old building. Without the old structures, cities take on a different character; neighborhoods lose their identity; we more easily forget those who went before us. Each time an old building is torn down, one of our cultural roots let go.

When we preserve and restore our historic resources-buildings, sites, structures, objects, and landscapes-we gain a lot:

  • We maintain our community's appearance and character, which gives it an identity and a personality all its own.
  • We give our children a glimpse of the architecture of their forefathers and mothers.
  • We save the artistic workmanship so evident in older structures.
  • We "recycle" structures into other uses: how many other purposes can you think of for old train stations?

The answer to, "Why Preserve?" is multi-faceted. Why is preservation important to you? E-mail us at historicpreservation@yahoo.com, and we will post the best answers here!

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