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How to Digitally Archive and Share Historical Photographs, Documents, and Audio Recordings. (posted 5/29/12) The website provides practical technical information, including specific workflow and steps for creating digital master files and preparing the files for presentation. Scanning best practices used by museums, libraries and archives are described, including less expensive alternative practices that are acceptable for many archive projects. A unique feature of the website is that it addresses costs and benefits, and describes how to use inexpensive consumer technology effectively as well as more expensive professional technology. The website is intended to be useful to historical organizations and to families, and particularly for anyone working with budget limitations. Other topics include developing historical slide shows and a very practical chapter on legal rights. More information at The website is

HTML Tutorial

HTML Primer

Java Applet Tutorial

Java Script Primer, a little more advanced. Start with the other tutorials and primers first.

IMLS Web-Wise Conference Papers

Non-Technical Introduction, If you know what the notion of a website is, but that's about it, then this non-technical introduction is for you!

Groups that can help:

Creative Technology, staging, lighting, productions, and more.

Museum Computer Networks, MCN provides continuing opportunities to explore, implement, and disseminate new technologies and best practices in the field.

Pastime Software, includes PastPerfect museum software

Tech Soup Stock
Discounted software for nonprofits!

Willoughby Associates, Ltd., museum software products and services, and a staff of professionals committed to helping you through every stage of your technology project.

Your Plan B, web development and more.

Check out the IAM Lending Library for titles available to members on this topic.

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