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  Illinois History Teacher  

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Free to all teachers of Illinois history, this publication includes co-authored essays and classroom activities for grades six through twelve on selected Illinois history topics.  To receive Illinois History Teacher or would like more information please contact the Student Historian Office (217) 782-2981, or Email the department.

Illinois History Teacher's Purpose:

Illinois History Teacher is dedicated to bringing high-quality scholarship on important subjects in our state's past into your classroom but, moreover, giving you, the teacher, assurance of meeting your teaching mission by pairing important history educators who draft Curriculum Materials with the work of Narrative authors.  Together, they  provide you with excellent discussions on aspects of Illinois history and dedicated student exercises. Availability and Access:

All past issues are available on line at <http://www.lib.niu.edu/ihtlistyrs.html>  where you can access all the articles and download them free of charge.

An Index
1994-present The authors are listed below, giving the Narrative authors first and the Curriculum Authors next.

Volume 1 (1994)—Geography in Illinois History
  • Location
    By Michael D. Sublett and Frederick H. Walk
  • Place
    By Norman Moline and James Schebler
  • Regions
    By Robert Ashley and William D. Walters, Jr.

Volume 2 (1995)—Conflict and Compromise in Illinois History
Guest Editor: Roger B. Beck

Volume 3:1 (1996)—Taking A Stand in Illinois History
Guest Editor: Roger B. Beck

Volume 3:2 (1996)—Aspects of the African-American Experience in Illinois History
Guest Editor:  Charles Branham

Volume 4: 1 (1997)--Triumph and Tragedy

Volume 4: 2 (1997)—Illinois and the Civil War
Guest Editor: Larry T. Balsamo

Volume 5: 1 (1998)--Migration in Illinois History: People, Culture, Ideas

Volume 5: 2 (1998)--Illinois History Museums: Resources for Teaching Illinois History
Guest Editor: Mary W. Turner

Volume 6: 1 (1999)---The Frontier in Illinois History

Volume 6: 2 (1999)--Selected Ethnic Groups in Illinois History

Volume 6: 3 (1999)--Science, Technology, and Invention in Illinois History
Guest Editor: Lawrence W. McBride

Volume 7: 1 (2000)--Turning Points in Illinois History

Volume 7: 2 (2000)--History and Literature in Illinois
Guest Editor: John E. Hallwas

Volume 8: 1 (2001)--Science, Technology, and Invention

Volume 8: 2 (2001)--Abraham Lincoln and Illinois History

Volume 9: 1 (2002)--Reform, Reaction, and Revolution in Illinois History

Volume 9: 2 (2002)--Illinois in America's Half-Century
Guest Editor: Bruce E. Field

Volume 10: 1 (2003)--The Individual in Illinois History

Volume 10: 2 (2003)--Women and Illinois History
Guest Editor: Virginia R. Boynton

Volume 10: 3 (2003)--The Lewis and Clark Expedition

Volume 11: 1 (2004)--Exploration, Encounter, and Exchange
Guest Editor: Michael Wiant

Volume 11: 2 (2004)--Maps from Illinois History
Guest Editor: Gerald A. Danzer
Thirty-Nine (39) historical maps with Curriculum Materials

Volume 12: 1 (2005)--Rights and Responsibilities in Illinois History

Volume 12: 2 (2005)--The French in Illinois, Pre-statehood to the Twentieth Century
Guest Editor: B. Pierre Lebeau

Volume 13: 1 (2006)—Taking a Stand in Illinois History

Volume 13: 2 (2006)—Labor in Illinois History

Volume 14: 1 (2007)—Communications in Illinois History
Guest Editor: John Nerone

Volume 14: 2 (2007)—Politics in Illinois History
Guest Editor: Dan Monroe

Volume 15: 1 (2008)--Railroads in Illinois History
Guest Editor: H. Roger Grant


For past issues of the Illinois History Teacher visit Illinois Periodicals Online at Northern Illinois University's website. The "Illinois Periodicals Online" project is funded by the Illinois State Library. Issues from 1994 to 2005 are available.

Adobe Reader is necessary to view these publications.  

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