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The Journal of Illinois History   

The Journal of Illinois History

Sex. Violence. Corruption.
No, we're not promoting tabloid sensationalism. But we do tell the history of Illinois' warts and all.

Heroes. Reformers. Champions.
For every outlaw, there's an officer of the law. For every debased public official, there's a campaigning crusader. For every self-promoting charlatan, there's a true public servant.

But history isn't written in black and white.
There are lots of gray areas. Unexpected complications. Unanticipated events. Unintended consequences.

Gray areas are our specialty.
It's not enough to tell our readers what happened. We tell you why, how, and why it matters--four times a year in documented articles based on solid research.

The Journal of Illinois History the foremost publication on the ever-changing history of the Prairie State and its people.
History isn’t static. Interpretations of events change from generation to generation. New areas of study emerge. Heroes and villains are made. . . and sometimes change places.


Subscriptions are just $25 a year for one volume of four issues Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Ask us about back issues to complete your set.

To subscribe send your check for $25 payable to the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency along with your name and mailing address to: 

Shanta Thoele, Publications Manager, Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, 1 Old State Capitol Plaza, Springfield, IL 62701.

For further information please Email or call the department 217/524-6045.

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