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Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library   

Henry Horner
Lincoln Collection

The Historical Library's Henry Horner Lincoln Collection is the most complete holding of Abraham Lincoln's pre-presidential materials. The Library holds the Leland-Boker printing of the Emancipation Proclamation signed by Lincoln and the Edward Everett holograph of the Gettysburg Address and preserves nearly 1,500 manuscripts written or signed by Lincoln. Ten thousand books and pamphlets, 1,000 broadsides, and 1,000 prints and photographs complete this unsurpassed collection relating to Lincoln and his family. The collection contains letters, manuscripts, artifacts, photographs, prints, broadsides and family albums covering virtually any time period or aspect of Lincoln's legacy. One of only five original copies of the Gettysburg Address and the correspondence of Mary Todd and Lincoln are among the highlights of the collection.  The collection also holds a large number of Lincoln busts as well as unusual items like Mary Todd's wedding skirt.

Appointments are required to use the Lincoln collection. Phone (217) 785-7954. Lincoln material is not available on inter-library loan.

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