St. Louis Observer

October 8, 1835

"The Editor (Elijah P. Lovejoy) will be absent two or three weeks, in attendance on Presbytery and Synod."

"Since the Editor left, the Publishers of the Observer have received a communication from the Patrons and Owners of the property of this paper, advising an entire suspensionof all controversy upon the exciting subject of Slavery. As this course is entirely agreeable to the feelings and veiws of the publishers, nothing upon the subject will appear in its columns, during the absence of the Editor. Upon his return the communication will be submitted to him, and the future course of the paper finally arranged in such a manner, as, we doubt not, will be consonant with the wishes of the proprietors.

The articles upon the subject of Slavery in our paper to-day, were prepared by the Editor before his departure, and could not have been omitted without great inconvenience."

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