St. Louis Observer

July 21, 1836

The Observer--Removal

After much deliberation, and a consultation with a number of our friends, we have determined hereafter to issue the 'Observer' from Alton, Illinois.

In taking this step we have not been actuated solely, nor even mainly, by personal considerations. Doubtless it will be, under all circumstances, more for our personal comfort to reside at Alton, but so long as duty seemed to require our remaining here, we were determined to remain, at whatever sacrifice of personal comfort, reputation, or safety.

The way now seems opened, in the Providence of God, to change the location of the 'Observer' without in the least impairing its usefulness. On the contrary, we believe it will be much more useful under the present arrangement than it has been. It will enjoy equal facilities for circulation in the two states, at Alton, as at St. Louis; and we hope to maintain the same connection with our subscribers in both the states as formerly.

The chief reason, (and without which it would not have been removed,) for removing to Alton, is, that there is no doubt the paper will be better supported there than it now is, or is likely to be, remaining in St. Louis. We hope this reason will be perfectly satisfactory to all our good friends in Missouri, who might otherwise think its removal uncalled for.

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