Transcription of the Lovejoy Broadside

Alton Observer


Alton, September 28, 1837

[column 1]


The present aspect of the slavery question in this country, and especially in this State, is of commanding interest to us all. No question is, at the present time, exerting so strong an influence upon the public mind as this. The whole land is agitated by it. We cannot, nor would we remain indifferent spectators in the midst of developments so vitally interesting to us all, as those which are daily taking place in relation to the system of American Slavery.--We have duties to perform, as Christians and as Patriots, which call for united wisdom, counsel and energy of action.

The undersigned would, therefore, respectfully call a meeting of the friends of the slave and of free discussion in the State of Illinois, to meet in Convention at Upper Alton, on the last Thursday of October. It is intended that this Convention should consist of all those in the State who believe that the system of American Slavery is sinful and ought to be immediately abandoned, however diversified may be their views in other respects. It is desirable that the opponents in this State of Domestic Slavery--all who ardently long and pray to witness its immediate abolition, should co-operate together in their efforts to accomplish it. We therefore hope that all such will make it a point of duty to attend the Convention, not thereby feeling that they are pledged to any particular course of action, but that they may receive as well as impart the benefit of mutual counsel and advice.

It is earnestly to be hoped that there will be a full attendance at the Convention. Let all who feel deeply interested in this cause, not only attend themselves, but stir up their neighbors to attend also. And let each one remember that this call cannot be repeated. But for the destruction of the "Observer" press it would have been circulated some time since. it is hoped, that it will have some time to circulate in season to bring together a large number of our friends from all parts of the State.


John Burns
Richard Eells
Levi Stillman
Rufus Brown
Ezra Fisher
Peter R. Borien
Charles Burnham
Evan Wiliams
John R. George
Henry Thompson
Myron Gaylord
Jery Platt
Edward Platt
Lucius Kingman
Charls Howland
J. B. Brown
J. T. Holmes
J. R. Beston
Edward L. Turner
Ross Hood
Joseph Craig, jr.
Andrew Segur
Alvin T. Smith
David Nelson
Levi B. Allen
John Benson
George Westgate
Benjamin Bran
Samuel Winter
Amos Bancroft
Erastus Benton
Edward Turner
Frederick Carrott
Loren Harkness
H. H. Snow
Willard keyes
H. L. Montandon
Henry Barrett
James Stobie
Henry Maire
George Ogden
Charles Horhman
Francis Pearson
Henry C. Pitkin
E. B. Kimball
Henry H. Hoffman
James M. Flack
Strong Burnell
R. P. Vance
Lewis Faxon
Peter Felt
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