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April 18, 1833 Elijah Parish Lovejoy, Certificate of License

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April 18, 1833

Elijah Parish Lovejoy, Certificate of License

At Philadelphia, the Eighteenth day of April, 1833. The Second Presbytery of Philadelphia having received testimonials in favor of Elijah Parish Lovejoy--of his having gone through a regular course of literature, of his good moral character and of his being in the commision [sic] of the church proceeded to take the usual parts of the trial for his liscensure; and he having given satisfaction as to his experimental acquaintance with religion; and as to his proficiency in Divinity and other studies; the Presbytery did, and hereby do express their approbation of all these parts of trial; and he having adopted the Confession of Faith of this church and satisfactorily answered the questions appointed to be put to candidates to be licensed, the Presbytery did, and hereby do license him, the said Elija Parish Lovejoy to preach the Gospel of Christ as a probationer for the holy Ministry, within the bounds of the Presbytery, or wherever else he shall be orderly called.

Attested as a true extract from The Ministers by

Thomas Custace

Stated Clerk of 2nd Pres.

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