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Letter from Elijah Lovejoy to ___________, August 4, 1837

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ELIJAH P. LOVEJOY TO ______________ [#1860]

[Illinois State Historical Library, form Adjutant General's Collection]

Alton. Aug. 4. 1837.

Dear Sir

Though personally a stranger, I yet feel that I can communicate with you in spirit. I have been informed from various sources, that you are the friend of the downtrodden slave, and are not ashamed to avow yourself such.

You have doubtless ere this heard of the proposition to call a Convention for the purpose of forming a State Anti S[lavery]. Soc. Now Sir - what I wo[ul]d request of you is that you would exert yourself to obtain as ma[n]y names as you can to forwa[r]d to be appended to the call, when it is published. Especially is it desirous that you should forward as ma[n]y as you can from your own denomination. We don't want the movement to be confin[e]d to a[n]y denomination. Please let me hear from you as soon as convenie[n]t.

Your brother in the gospel

Elijah P. Lovejoy

Ed[itor]. Alt[on]. Obs[erver].

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