Elijah Lovejoy Papers Series 1 Letters

Each of the dates below represents a letter written by Elijah Lovejoy during his adult life. By following the dated links you will be able to read a transcript of that letter. A large source of the Lovejoy family letters are contained in the Wicket-Wiswall Collection of 1804-1891. This grouping of letters is currently held in the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Division of the library system of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.

Additionally, the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Division of Texas Tech University granted the Illinois State Historical Library permission to digitally reproduce four of Elijah Lovejoy's handwritten letters. These letters are indicated by the green image links in the list below. Photos made from the microfilmed collection were scanned at both 72 and 160 dots per inch. These digitally reproduced images of letters provide a rare opportunity to see Lovejoy's thoughts and feelings written in his own handwriting.

Transcripts were made from the microfilmed originals, and retain the original misspellings and punctuation. In some cases, those words or phrases which proved to be illegible were marked with brackets. Additionally, the Memoir of E. P. Lovejoy, published in 1838, also proved to be a valuable source for Elijah Lovejoy's correspondence. It contains a rich assortment of letters and editorials written by Lovejoy and transcribed by his brothers--Joseph and Owen. .

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