Having received twenty-six signatures, the association was organized by the Election of the following persons as officers, namely, Rev. Elijah P. Lovejoy President, John W. Collett Vice President, Edwin Revills Secretary, and N. G. D. Taylor Treasurer and Librarian.


Elijah P. Lovejoy Chairman

Lenas B. Newman Clerk


 Voted to meet week from next Friday Evening at the Brick School House. Exercises to consist, in a Lecture from Lumis Hall, and a debate upon the following questions—ought capital punishment ever to be inflicted? disputant W. L. Slop Esqr affirmative. Lenas B. Newman Negative

Voted to appoint a committee of five to consist of the following persons, namely, I. C. Martin M. D., John W. Collitt, Rev. Ebin. Rogers, James Moore, and Dr. B. F. Long to draft by-Laws and procure a room for the society to meet in.

Voted to dispense with the lecture from Junius Hall. The debate shall occupy the meeting succeeding the next of the society.

Voted to adjourn, to meet as above

Elijah P. Lovejoy Pres.

Edwin R. Wills Secty.

 Friday Evening Nov. 6th 1836

 Pursuant to adjournment the members of the Upper Alton Lyceum met at the crick School House. The meeting was called to order and opened by Prayer b the Rev. Mr. Lovejoy. Mr. Richard R. Randle was appointed Door Keeper. Pursuant to a provision in the constitution, the President in entering upon the duties of his office, delivered before the society an address after which the committee appointed to draft By-Laws reported a code, which after various alterations and Amendments was adopted.

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