The committee, appointed to procure a place for the Society to meet in, reported they were unable to succeed, and have further time granted them.

Voted that the Society meet at half past six o’clock in the evening until further notice.

Voted that the next meeting of the Society be held in this House, a week from this evening.

Voted that a committee of three be appointed, to consist of the following persons, namely Lenaus B. Newman, Nathan C. D. Taylor, and Richard R. Randle whose duty it shall be, to procure a lecture, if practacable [sic], every alternate evening.

Having received application for membership from the following persons, namely, Washington Leverett, Seth T. Sawyer, Lewis J. Clawson, Jamie M. Kittinger, Isiah Nutter, Iona S. Bingham, Loomis B. Page, Henery C. Caswell and Isaac N. Palmer. Voted unanimously that they forthwith become regular members of this Society.

Voted that a committee of three be appointed to consist of the following persons, namely, Nathan C. D. Taylor, Richard R. Randle, and Joseph Gordon whose duty it shall be to procure wood and lights, also to prepare the room for the use of the Society.

Voted to adjourn, to meet as above.


Elijah P. Lovejoy President

Edwin R. Wills Secty.

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