An election was entered into for President and Vice President which resulted in the choice of William Clark Jr. for President and James Moore Vice President. On motion of J. Hall Esqr., it was moved that a vote Thanks of the Society to the President for the ability and impartiality with which his [sic] has discharged the duties of his office.

Moved to adjourn to meet at this place next Friday Evening at the appointed time.

 Elijah P. Lovejoy Pres.

 Edwin R. Wells Secy.


 Friday Eve. Dec. 20th 1836


Met pursuant to adjournment. Meeting came to order, the roll called and the following members, namely, W. L. Slop, Ebin. Rogers, E. P. Lovejoy, W. B. Little, A. Flood, I. M. Frost, R. R. Randle, D. F. Weidell, H. McFarland, Alvin Cleott, C. Woods, J. C. Howell, Andrew Dray, B. F. Long, S. I. Clawson, D. M. Kittinger, Isiah Sutter, I. L. Bingham, H. C. Cafwell, Isaac A. Palmer, Jamie Graves, C. C. Hopkins, John G. Hill, Aaron Higher, W. B. White, & Lewis Colby were noted as absent. The President in entering upon the duties of his office delivered before the Society an address, moved [sic] by J. Hall, Esqr. that the article in the Constitution providing for the appointment of Door Keeper be abolished, also that the article respecting the terms for which the officers shall hold their office be so amended so that the President and Vice President shall hold their offices respectively for three months., the above motion to be acted upon the meeting after this meeting. Lecture by J. Hall Esqr, on motion of Mr. [?] it was moved that a vote of thanks of the Society be presented to our Lecturer for his able production.

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