Thursday Evening Jany 19th 1837


Met pursuant to adjournment The President having resigned the Vice President Mr. Howland took the chair Meeting called to order roll called & the following named persons (viz) W. L. Slop, E. P. Lovejoy, W. B. Little, R. R. Rundle, A. Alcott, C. Woods, J. C. Howell, Jos. Burnap, A. Dray, N. C. D. Taylor, B. F. Long, Wash Leverett, L. J. Clawson, D. M. Kittenger, J. Nutter, J. L. Bingham, L. B. Page, J. N. Palmer, J. G. Hill, J. B. White, J. Wilber, L. Colby, H. B. Richardson, G. W. Fox, & J. Morrison were noted as absentees. The Committee to whom was referred for amendment the 2nd Sec. Of article 5th together with the amendment to said Sec. (said amendment to be reported at the next meeting). Prayed for further time to report Moved & carried that said Committee be granted their petition and the time for reporting be extended to the next meeting of the Society. The Leaders of debate were then called when Mr. Dennison arose on the affirmative and Mr. Robinson on the negative on the question Does the principle of right require the immediate Emancipation of the slave. The discussion continued for some time when it was moved that the same question be continued for the next evenings debate which motion was carried in the affirmative. The Election of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, & Librarian next came in order when Eq George Smith was chosen President, Mr. Peter Merrill Vice President, Mr. N. C. D. Taylor Treasurer & Librarian, & Joseph Gordon Sec’y. Excuses from delinquent members were then called for when the following named persons were excused viz J. Moore twice, J. L. Martin once, D. F. Wandell once, H. C. Caswell once, Fined A. Olcott, G. Howland, E. R. Wells, to sum up the whole matter the meeting was characterized by an unusual display of Parliamentary talent on the part of the members which would have done honor to a less respectable body. Moved to adjourn to meet at this place next Thursday evening half past 6 O’Clock.


Geo Howland V. President


J. Gordon Sec’y

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