Thursday Evening Jany 26th 1837


Met pursuant to adjournment. Meeting called to order, roll called & the following named persons (viz) W. L. Slop, J. Hall, E. P. Lovejoy, Peter Merrill, R. R. Rundle, C. Woods, L. J. Clawson, Ebin. Dennison, Wm. Clark, & Dr. Jewel were noted as absentees. Anthony Combs was proposed and duly elected a member of this Society the Presidents address came next in order when he arose and delivered before the Society an interesting and appropriate address on the necessity of Establishing free schools throughout the state in which the rising generation might obtain the requisite mental and moral education necessary to making them firm pillars of a republican Government. The Gentleman previously employed by the Committee set apart for that purpose to deliver a lecture to the Society being necessarily called off on business therefore the Society was deprived of the privelege [sic] of hearing a lecture. Motions & resolutions coming next in order it was moved & carried that the reports be laid on the table for the further action of the society it was further moved that those members who had paid their initiation fee be taken up seperately [sic] and be continued or rejected according to the provision of the By laws in this case made & provided. It was also moved that the committee previously appointed for the purpose of amending the 2nd Section of the Article 5th together with the Amendment to said Sec report when Mr. Hall Esq. On behalf of the committee reported the following resolution. Resolved that four disputants be selected for the discussion of each regular Question of Debate. Two on the affirmative & Two on the negative and that the assignment of parts be determined by lot provided however that it may be a matter of amicable adjustment between the several disputants.

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