Lovejoy Monument


Thomas Dimmock tells the story of how he located Lovejoy's grave in an address given in 1888. "More than forty years ago, with a companion somewhat older than myself, I sought and found the grave of Lovejoy. It was then between two quite large oak trees, and was identified by a small pine board, on which was rudely carved the initials, 'E.P.L.' The present city cemetery of Alton was then an open common. When it was laid out and enclosed, trees and board disappeared, and the main avenue passed directly over the grave, the location of which would have been hopelessly lost but for the late William Brudon, superintendent of the cemetery, who marked the spot by two fragments of limestone, almost on a level with the ground, of which very few knew the meaning."

Lovejoy: An Address Delivered by Thomas Dimmock, at the Church of the Unity, St. Louis, March 14, 1888, p. 25-27

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