Lovejoy Monument


June 29, 1867 A meeting is to be held at Alton city hall's council chamber to organize an Alton Lovejoy Monument Association. The committee calling the meeting, W. C. Flagg, L. A. Parks, and M. B. Atwood, not that 'they have ascertained that a suitable spot can probably be secured on the new cemetery grounds as the site for a monument at such point as to be a prominent object of interest to a stranger approaching the city by railway or river.' Wendell Phillips has offered to 'pronounce a suitable oration at such time as may be selected by the association.' Committee also recommend that 11/7/67 be named as date for laying the cornerstone of the monument.

"Lovejoy Monument," Chicago Journal, July 2, 1867.

ca. August 1867 The Lovejoy Monument Association has appointed J. W. VanCleve to solicit subscriptions in the Alton area, to begin work immediately. "This gentleman is fully entitled to public confidence, and we trust that the importance of the cause which he represents, will secure him abundant success."

"Lovejoy Monument," Alton Weekly Telegraph, August 2, 1867.

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