Lovejoy Monument


June 12, 1874 At a meeting of early abolitionists in Chicago, the group passed a resolution hoping to raise money for a monument to Lovejoy.

"Resolved, That this reunion recommend the erection of a monument to the memory of Elijah P. Lovejoy, the first martyr to the cause of liberty in its contest with slavery; and that whereas he died more especially in defense of the great right of a free country, the freedom of the press, we believe that this duty should be committed into the hands of the printers and professional journalists of this country, and that they see to it that such a monument in magnitude and style as befits the man and the occasion and our rights, be erected; and believing that what the press undertake to do will be done, we confidently repose the trust in their hands.

"Friends of Freedom," Chicago Journal, June 12, 1874.

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