Lovejoy Monument


Oct. 13, 1882 Recalls the abolitionist reunion which resolved to create a permanent monument to Lovejoy. The appointed committee "made no systematic effort to carry out the object of the organization, and nothing, practically, has been done. It seems to us that this is a matter which the citizens of Alton should take hold of themselves. The amount necessary to erect a suitable memorial ought to be, and could be, raised in this city. It would not require any pricely sum to rear a suitable memorial. The cemetery association have donated a beautiful and prominent site for the proposed monument, and the work should not longer delay. Here in Alton, where was made the first forcible resistance to the slave power in America, and where the first victim fell in the holy cause, here should be erected a suitable memorial monument. We shall refer to the subject again and, meantime, shall be glad to hear any expressions from our citizens in regard to the proposition."

"Lovejoy Monument," Alton Daily Telegraph, October 13,1882.

Nov. 16, 1885 "Within two years will occur the semi-centennial anniversary of the death of Elijah P. Lovejoy. The feeling in favor of the erection of a suitable monument in honor of the great martyr to the cause of free speech and a free press has been growing for years. Several attempts in the way of raising funds for that object having been made, but no systematic or extended work in that direction has ever been undertaken. A local committee was appointed here fifteen or twenty years ago to raise funds for a monument, but it accomplished little. At the reunion of anti-slavery leaders in Chicago, some eight or ten years ago, another committee, mainly of journalists, was appointed for the same object, but the members were scattered all over the country and the committee was never called together.

It is plain that a committee to be successful should be composed of citizens of Alton, and that it should be organized for systematic work. Public sentiment is ripe for the movement, and with the proper effort and organization, sufficient funds could be collected to erect a suitable monument, to be unveiled on the semi-centennial anniversary, Nov. 7, 1887.

Jan. 2, 1886 A new Lovejoy Monument Association is incorporated. The purpose of the organization is "The erection and maintenance of a monument in the city cemetery of Alton, Ill., in memory of Elijah P. Lovejoy."

Dissolved Corporation Charters, box 313# 11809, ISA

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