Journal of the Upper Alton Lyceum

The Illinois State Historical Library holds within its manuscript collection the original Journal of the Upper Alton Lyceum used to record the minutes of their weekly meetings. The Lyceum group was an intellectual organization whose members met to debate social issues. In fact, the information provided by the Journal indicates that this particular group discussed topics such as suffrage rights for women, immigration, Constitutional law, and the emancipation of the slaves. The Lyceum group met on a weekly basis at different locations in Upper Alton. Two to four group members were chosen each week to refute or defend the topics chosen by the members, and after each debate the President of the Lyceum decided which side had presented a more convincing arguement.

Elijah Lovejoy was one of the original twenty-six members of the Upper Alton Lyceum. He was very active in the group, and was appointed its first President at a meeting held on October 31, 1836.

The pages included here represent only a small number of the overall pages of the Journal of the Upper Alton Lyceum. They have been chosen because they valuable insight into how the organization conducted its meetings. These pages were also chosen because they are the record of the Lyceum's discussion concerning the emancipation of the slaves in the United States.

Each of the images was scanned directly from the pages of the Journal using the Minolta PS 3000 digital scanner and software. Beneath each scanned image from the Lyceum Journal, a transcription of the page is given for the convenience of the reader.


Cover of the Journal of the Upper Alton Lyceum

From the collection of the Illinois State Historical Library

Pages from the Journal of the Upper Alton Lyceum

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