The Alton Tragedy


The Article entitled "The Alton Tragedy" first appeared as a part of the publication "Advocate of Peace." This book was printed in August of 1838 in Boston by The American Peace Society. As the name of the organization suggests, the members dedicated themselves "to the principle that war is contrary to the Spirit of the gospel." At an 1863 address commemorating the thirty-fourth anniversary of The American Peace Society, the Honorable Amasa Walker summarized the goals of the group from its creation.

"It is the prevention of war, then, that Peace Societies are wishing to accomplish. It is the formation of a public sentiment in time of peace against all war and all preparation for war, irrespective of any particular war which they desire to bring about. Their great object has been to direct the public mind to some other arbitrament than that of the sword for the settlement of international disputes. This, above all others, was a prominent object in those peace Congresses to which reference has been made. . ."

Below are the comments written by The American Peace Society in 1838. They show that not every northern anti-slavery group agreed with Elijah Lovejoy's methods of insuring his Constitutional Rights would be upheld.

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