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At IEMA, we set standards for performance and bring emergency managers and first responders together to train and exercise to meet those standards.


    A Better Prepared State


    To protect the State of Illinois through integrated approaches to Emergency Management and Homeland Security. To prepare for, respond to, mitigate against, and recover from emergencies and disasters or acts of terrorism.

Core Values

Integrity - we affirm the dignity, expertise and contributions of federal, state and local first responders, officials and staff
Excellence - we constantly strive for the highest levels of training and performance to achieve greater impact
Management - we are responsive to the life-threatening emergencies where our involvement is needed
Accountability - we recognize the authority we have as public servants to honor our obligations to the State of Illinois


  1. Increase state preparedness in emergency management and homeland security.
  2. Maintain safety and improve safeguards from hazards at nuclear facilities, radiation facilities and hazards posed by the transport of radioactive materials or radiological accidents.
  3. Maximize federal, state and local resources in terrorism preparedness
  4. Increase public health and safety through hazard mitigation, emergency preparedness, disaster response and recovery

About IEMA

About IEMA
Director Monken
State Emergency Response Commission (SERC)
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