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Active - The technologist has passed an examination approved by the Agency (e.g., ARRT, NMTCB, ARCRT).

Temporary - The technologist has graduated from an approved educational program and is eligible to take the examination required for active status.

Conditional - The technologist qualified for accreditation by virtue of practical experience prior to 1990. This accreditation is specific to a given location and an approved scope of clinical procedures. Contact the Agency at 217-785-9913 for information specific to this type of accreditation.

Limited - The technologist has passed an examination covering radiography of specific anatomical areas (e.g., Chest x-ray, Extremity x-rays, Spine x-rays or Skull and Sinus x-rays).

Revoked/Suspended - The Agency has revoked or suspended this accreditation. If this individual has provided you with any indication of Illinois Accreditation, please contact the Agency immediately at 217-785-9913.

If you have any questions or need additional information, contact DNS at 217-785-9913.