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     Illinois Professional Emergency Manager Standards & Accreditation Program    

IPEM Renewal Application Process

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What does it take?
Application Process
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Accreditation Renewal
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During each three-year period of renewal, the applicant must:


Successfully complete 72 hours of IEMA/FEMA/IESMA sponsored training and/or conferences. This could include successfully completed Independent Study courses from FEMA. Up to 6 courses, at 2 hours each, may be submitted for credit. Petitions can be submitted to accept up to 36 hours of successfully completed training from other related agencies or conducting training for these other related agencies. These other related agencies could include, but are not limited to, the American Red Cross, National Weather Service, Salvation Army, US Military and the US Army Corps of Engineers. Credit hours from accredited college institutions will also be accepted. The applicant must submit the training objectives and agenda for the other related agencies training. The curriculum objectives and agenda must place heavy emphasis on issues relevant to emergency management and will be evaluated as such.

The IPEM Renewal Application Form includes the current list of training requirements that have been revised since 2011 and must be successfully completed.

If a previously completed training requirement has been revised, a copy of the completion certificate for the revised course must be included with the IPEM Renewal application in the event that this course is not listed on the IEMA training transcript. These courses can be counted toward the 72 required training hours. All revised training requirements will be listed on the “Application Renewal” link every September following the IEMA Conference.


Provide documentation detailing the specific exercise assignment they accomplished, or player role they were assigned**, in a functional or full-scale exercise. This documentation must include:

  • Provide a detailed 1-2 paragraph description (included in the IPEM Renewal Application Form) of the specific exercise position that the applicant was assigned. (The acceptable positions include: Exercise Director/Co-Director, Lead Evaluator, Lead Controller and MSEL/Injects Writing Team Member.) The description should also provide details on what the applicant learned from their involvement in the exercise. Add as much detail as needed to allow the IPEM Review Committee to have a thorough understanding of the applicant's involvement.

    Select your position:
    Un-check the boxes to hide description

    Exercise Director/Co-Director
    Lead Evaluator
    Actual/Pre-Planned Event-Emergency Operations Center Management Position
    Actual/Pre-Planned Event-Command/General Staff Position
    Lead Controller
    Injects Writing/MSEL Team
  • Copies of any specific exercise-related items that the applicant’s involvement helped produce. These items could include, but not be limited to, the exercise objectives, master sequence of events, copies of messages/evaluator notes, after-action-report (AAR) and improvement plan (IP). All documents must be submitted using the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) format.

  • Letter from the Exercise Director/Co-Director or the IEMA central or regional office verifying that the applicant accomplished the tasks related to the position the applicant has identified they were assigned and the information included in the narrative.

**Renewal applicants are allowed to substitute a real-world/pre-planned event for the exercise requirement. This real-world/pre-planned event must have been of a magnitude that it required the involvement of multiple agencies or multiple jurisdictions and required the applicant to serve in either a Command or General Staff position. The applicant would be required to submit the following:

  • A copy of the after-action-report (AAR) and the improvement plan (IP) utilizing the HSEEP format.

  • Detailed 1-2 paragraph description of the Command or General Staff position that the applicant was assigned.

  • A letter from the Incident Commander or the IEMA central or regional office verifying that the applicant performed the identified tasks.

  • Copies of the ICS 203 and 207 from the Incident Action Plan identifying the Command or General Staff position that the applicant was assigned.


Submit a letter validating the documented role, number of years in the role and a copy of current job description. Acceptable sources of the letter include: current supervisor or past supervisor (within the required number of years), Emergency Management Officials (Municipal, County, State or Federal), Chief Elected Official in your jurisdiction.


EXPERIENCE (by date of application)

  • 3 years Emergency Management Role at the Municipal, County, State, or Federal level (full, part-time, or volunteer) At least 1 year must be Illinois based

  • 2 years Emergency Management Role, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Management or Homeland Security, at the Municipal, County, State, or Federal level (full, part-time or volunteer) At least 1 year must be Illinois based

  • 5 years Public Safety Role Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Public Health, Military, National Weather Service, Human Services, Non-Governmental Organizations* At least 1 year must be Illinois based

  • 5 years Private Sector Risk Management, Safety, Emergency Management Preparedness Specialist, Security/Emergency Response Specialist, Security Coordinator, Access Control Coordinator* At least 1 year must be Illinois based

*Applicant may petition IPEM Review Committee for roles not listed above



Renewal Applicants will complete 3 of the 20 current contributions. Description of contributions and needed documentation.


IPEM Renewal Application Process

The IPEM accreditation is required to be renewed every three years. The IPEM renewal application must be received by IEMA with a post mark no later than July 15th of the year the accreditation expires for consideration of re-accreditation. The IPEM accreditation renewal application must include the following:

  • A letter to the Director of IEMA requesting IPEM accreditation renewal.

  • A copy of the completed application form.

  • A copy of all appropriate training course completion certificates or transcripts. It is the responsibility of the applicant to maintain a record of course completion certificates or other appropriate supporting documentation. A copy of the applicant’s transcript is available by accessing the IEMA on-line registration link on the IEMA website. No certificates are to be submitted if the course is included on the applicant’s transcript.

  • A copy of the required exercise or real-world/pre-planned event documentation.

  • A copy of documentation needed for 3 Professional Contributions.
The renewal application packet should be mailed to:
    IEMA Director
    2200 South Dirksen Parkway
    Springfield, Illinois 62703-4528
    Attn: IPEM Application
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