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Sue Coers IEMA
Victor Stich City of Chicago OEM
Stanley Krushas
Ronald L. Kleinhaus Evergreen Park Fire Department
Gene Jensen Grundy County EMA
Anna Giacomini IEMA
Byron "Paddy" Liles
Steve R. Miller McDonough County ESDA
Russell Steil IEMA
Scott Gauvin IEMA
Tammy Jo Miller McDonough County ESDA
Cristy Donaldson IEMA
Lisa Desai IEMA
Richard Carani

Libertyville Fire Department

Linda Martorano Will County EMA
John Rogan Chicago Office of Emergency Management
George A. Herendeen American Red Cross
Tresa B. Bowen IEMA
Chris Pulley IEMA
Paul Rasch, Jr. IEMA
Gary L. Poshard IEMA
Michael P. Moos Office of the State Fire Marshal
William Carl Office of the State Fire Marshal
Douglas L. Kirk Office of the State Fire Marshal
Cheryl Mitchell American Red Cross Illinois Capital Area Chapter
Tammy Buse Logan County ESDA Horse Mounted Search and Rescue Team
Jerry Ellis Clay County ESDA
Rudy Jezek Will County EMA
Carolyn Shanks Vermilion County EMA
Charles Genesio DuQuoin ESDA
Steve Land Williamson County EMA
Brad Clearwater  
Steve Young IDOT Aeronautics
Devesh Pandit Maine Township EMA
Gregory Scott Illinois Department of Public Health
Robert F. Tschiggfrie JoDaviess County LEPC
Edward Urban Algonquin Police Department
Susan A. Vancil Lake County Stormwater Management Commission
Joni Estabrook IEMA
Adam Croy IEMA
Steve Simms


Sharlynn Kraemer Edgar County ESDA
Tony Fabri IEMA
Teresa Foust Boone County EMA
Kathy Spellman IEMA
Joe Grove IEMA
Craig Karas Morton Grove ESDA
Marcus King Chicago Office of Emergency Management

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Exercise Information
FEMA Independent Study Program
Illinois Professional Emergency Manager Program
Illinois Professional Development Series
2013 IEMA Conference
Out-of-State Training Opportunities
Hazardous Materials Training Webpage
School & Campus Security Training
ICS 300 & 400 Training
FEMA Higher Education Project

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