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2009 PDS Recipients

Craig Dopp Palatine EMA
Larry Graf Menard County EMA
Chris Melvin IEMA
James Montanari Naperville Police Department
Linda Bradbury American Red Cross
William L. Newman Jr. Arlington Heights Police Department
James D. Goldasich Putnam County EMA
Steven E. Carlson Rock Island County EMA
Paul Burbank Franklin County EMA
David Cashion Woodford County EMA
Brian Ciszczon Bolingbrook ESDA
Greg Pantke Westmont EMA
Brian Blomgren McLean County EMA
Joe D. Mitchell IL Department of Public Health
Robert E. Langsfeld Hoffman Estates ESDA
Fernando Flores Illinois State Police
Mary Poundstone Grundy County EMA
Steven D. Lewis Flora/Clay Co. ESDA
David H. Kennedy Du Quoin ESDA
Robert J. Kerrn Mechanicsburg Fire Department
Ken Pryor Crawford County EMA
Roger D. Smith Madison County Coroner's Office
Lisa Clinton St. Margaret's Hospital/Bureau County LEPC
Joseph G. Wieser Village of Buffalo Grove
Linda M. Kielas Palatine EMA
John O'Donnell Chicago Fire Department
Diane Hoots Central Management Services
Kevin Sargent City of Mt. Vernon EMA
Ingrid Skidmore Village of Lake Zurich Fire Rescue Dept.
Toni Watkins IEMA
Angela Roberts American Red Cross of Greater Chicago
Doug Downey IEMA
Steve Lueker Jefferson County
Gerald Watson Melrose Park Public Safety
Benton Fitzjerrells Jefferson County
Emma Crandell American Red Cross of Greater Chicago
Katie Darin American Red Cross of Greater Chicago
Mark B. Stevens Jefferson County Health Department
Curt Mueller IEMA
Michael J. Miller Hoffman Estates EMA
Richard Burroughs Red Cross of the Quad Cities Area
Michael "Gabe" Wiemken Williamson County Emergency Management Agency
Beverly S. Carroll City of Chicago Dept of Police
Phillip Beverly Chicago State University
John Skoryi Will County EMA
Bill G. Bennett Franklin County EMA
Michael Dacey OHare International Airport
Bryce McCormick Village of Chapin
Eugene Guerin Crestwood EMA
Arthur Clark Oak Lawn Police Department
Rob McCullers Air National Guard
Gary Little Franklin County Emergency Management Agency
Wayne E. Sampson Jefferson County
Martin L. Dwyer IEMA
Brett M. Johnson Champaign Fire Dept
Terry L. Donat, MD DuPage Medical Group
Andrew J. Kerley Kane County EMA
Terri A. West Effingham EMA
Gary West Sr Effingham EMA
Christopher Weihe Bartlett Fire Protection District
John O'Shea IEMA
Christopher Woodill West Chicago Police Department
Deborah Watts IEMA
Stephen J. Jackson IEMA
Sherry Ramsey IEMA
Jimmy Thompson IEMA
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